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You have come here in search of the effects of online gaming on children. If yes then come along with me and read every single thought of mine so that you couldn’t leave any information related to our central thought. So let’s start. I want to start with one phrase of Steve Jobs who said that he will not let his children touch the iPhone before they are mature. The person who created this iPhone speaking that it is harmful to an immature person. So why we give our mobile to our child even though the person who created it says it is very dangerous to immature people. There is a lot of risks that your child may suffer in the future. Is that fine? I know your answer will be NO. Then why you give your mobile to your child? If you don’t give then congrats to save your child’s life. 

But if you give your mobile and don’t care what they are doing with it. Then your child is at very high risk because they are not mature who can’t define the differences between wrong and right. I just make you aware that what can happen if you give the mobile to your child in his/her early age. As a parent, you will be responsible for your child’s future. I am going to describe some points here that are seen in children when they use a mobile phone to play games-

  1. Irritation: 

Children who play games online late at night have chances of a high level of irritation. This type of thing can change their behaviour and personality in the future. Their nature will not be loving and makes them irritated guy. These types of things happen when they are done in excess. If your child has turned to be adult then you should let them live their life as that they can handle the problem and come on their legs. 

  • Sleeping:

If the child is playing online games then it sure that he/she will get some depression and feel restless. A child’s sleep cycle will be affected if he/she is playing late at night and doesn’t take rest and complete sleep. So make sure your child is not addicted to online games because it will impact his/her routine and healthy life.

  • Talking:

More games and more time pass on online games may make your child less talkative and more alone. If your child is not at least below the age of 16, in that case, you may allow your son/daughter to do what he/she wants. If they want to play on ole777 or any platforms that give them a better option to play online games. I want to leave a small comment here about the engagement of your child with online gaming and its impacts. Make sure your child is away from your phone and gaming because these little things will create a bigger difference in their life. So take a wise decision.



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