Best Online Betting and Gambling Games on Pkv Games

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A lot of us are into betting and gambling, however sometimes people are just too lazy to step out of their houses and wish they can play the games in their bed.

Now this has been made true by pkv games, which provides the users with a plethora of games and options to bet on without losing the comfort of leaving their homes since this is an online game.

Now there are a lot of games under the banner of pkv games and we are here to guide you on the best games available under this platform:

1.        Poker –

Often the simplest thing is the best one. The poker game on the pkv games server is just the same old traditional poker, but just with one difference that it would be played online instead of being there in real life on the betting table with the opponents. 

You have to bet the money as set by the table and the one with the best card wins the pot.

2.        Adu QQ –

Adu QQ is one of the most popular pkv games. This is quite a bit of an unconventional game. In this game there are a total of 26 domino cards and players from the range of 2 to 8 are handed a total of 2 cards.

The person with the highest value of the cards wins the game. In case of a draw between two people, there is another round played till the time a winner is finally decided and the money betted goes to that player who is crowned the winner.

3.        BandarQ –

This game type also uses domino cards, and 2 cards each are handed over to the players. This game is almost the same as Adu QQ, however one stark difference is that players can bet against the cards of their opponent thus making the game much more interesting.

The highest value of a card in the game of BandarQ is 9, so in a hypothetical case if player 1 gets a card of 9 and another of 8, player 1 wins.

4.        Domino QQ –

In this particular game, players are handed two double six dominoes from the stack of a total of 28 dominoes. After each player gets their respective card, a high bet is made.

Then the player can either fold in case their cards aren’t good enough, call the bet or raise the stakes. At the end of the game the last player remaining or the player with the best bet wins and takes away all the money betted into the pot.

5.        CapsaSusun –

In this pkv game each player is given a total of 13 cards out of the deck of 52 cards, then after the players are handed over their cards they deck them accordingly. The rules are very similar to Texas Hold Em Poker. Matches of the cards such as Straight Flush, Full House or One pair must be made from the 13 cards and the one with the best match wins the game. 



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